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Beyond the rules governing the devolution of copyrights and the ‘’droit de suite’’ system that are relevant to the art market, it is also specific regulation to this market that govern its operation and the behavior of its stakeholders.

The firm Cabinet Pierrat supports the actors involved by advising them upstream, particularly on issues related to the tax regime of certain works (and in case of import or export), then representing them, for example, in the litigation relating to the sale of works of art, the liability of professionals, the prosecution of counterfeiters, counterfeiters and those responsible for the sale of stolen works of art.

The Décideurs /Leaders League guide ranks Cabinet Pierrat among the firms with a “reputable practice” in art market law.

Member of the association Art and Law, Emmanuel Pierrat also actively participates in the debate on the definition of ownership of works of art and the duty to return them to their owners and countries of origin. In this regard, he wrote the following essays: Museum Connection, investigation of the looting of our museums, in collaboration with Jean-Marie de Silguy and published by Editions First in 2008, and Faut-il rendre les oeuvres d’art(Must we give back the works of art ?), CNRS editions, 2011, and Cent oeuvres d’art, Editions du Chêne, 2012).

Emmanuel Pierrat, specialist and collector of African art, has written a book Understanding African Art, published by Editions du Chêne in 2008, and The First Arts for Dummies at First in 2015. Finally, in 2019 he published Faut-il rendre les oeuvres d’art à l’Afrique (Must we give back the works of art to Africa?), Gallimard, 2019.

Her passion for the collection of works of art led her to publish Collections, Collectionneurs (Collections, Collectors) in 2019 at Editions de La Martinière, after les nouveaux cabinets de curiosité (New cabinets of curiosity), Les Beaux Jours edition, 2011) and Collectionnite (Le Passage, 2011)