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The book is a cultural good whose trade is subject to a very specific regulation that applies to the various actors of the sector that are classically the author, the publisher, the distributor and the broadcaster.

Cabinet Pierrat advises these different providers, drafts contracts uniting them to each other and represents them in the context of litigation involving their responsibility.

Cabinet Pierrat also supports its clients in the transition to the digital book and its legal implications for the publishing contract.

Emmanuel Pierrat knows perfectly the “publishing world” and its legal rules not only as a lawyer but also as an author himself and as literary agent.

As an example, Emmanuel Pierrat is the author of many practical legal books for publishing professionals: “Le droit de l’édition appliqué” I and II (Book publishing law I and II) but also “Le droit du livre publié” (and “Les contrats de l’édition” (the Contracts of book publishing) Emmanuel Pierrat also published a “Guide juridique pratique de l’éditeur” (Practical Legal Guide for Publishers).

He is a legal columnist since 1995 in the professional magazine of the publishing sector, libraries and the bookstore, Livres Hebdo, and has been legal chronicler of the professional magazine Caractères.