Skills > The rights of journalists

Journalists, whether reporters, photographers, contributors to print, digital, radio or television titles, employees on permanent contracts or freelancers, are all authors.

Therefore, the regime of their contributions is, provided that their original character is recognized, subject to the provisions of copyright and our firm assists its customers, journalists and press publishers, to advise them in this area and, also represents before the competent courts of law.

Cabinet Pierrat assists clients, journalists and publishers during these negotiations. He also represents them before the competent courts to enforce their rights. Emmanuel Pierrat collaborates regularly to Légipresse in this area.

In addition, the Cabinet has acquired special competence in the area of ​​the re-qualification of freelance contracts under an open-ended contract before the Conseil des Prud’hommes.

In general, Cabinet Pierrat represents its clients, employees or employers before the Conseil de Prud’hommes in disputes relating to dismissal measures without a real and serious cause.